Sleep on it

Things are moving so fast.

Oreos dunked in the dark, and now everyone wants to be marketing in real time.

Twitter allows us to communicate across time and geography instantly. And even if we delete the tweet immediately, there could be hundreds of people with the ability to take a screenshot immortalizing the bad decision forever.

The comments section has given us the false sense of safety and anonymity when, in fact, we are easily identified, found, and publicly shamed.

Emails pile up more quickly now, getting through it all seems more urgent.

In my experience, being reactive is rarely the smartest decision. The rushed decision lacks thoughtfulness and context.

If you don’t have the time to actually sleep on a big decision, at the very least, step back, go for a walk, reflect and come back to the situation. You’re more likely to be responsive to the circumstance rather than reactive.

And it’s probably better for everyone.

Should you do business with friends or family?

Conventional wisdom says you shouldn’t.

But what happens when the people you work with become your friends? What happens when you treat your team like family?

What happens when your clients become close friends? What happens when you’ve been working together so long and so closely that you feel like family? When you argue like siblings, but respect each other enough to stay in it for the long haul?

Maybe there’s some merit to the idea that people that are already your close friends or family shouldn’t be hired or taken on as clients. There’s something to lose already.

But when you start out as strangers and work to become friends or (like) family, there is so much more to gain.

Just food for thought.