The harshest critic

Who’s the harshest critic in your world?

Is it your boss?

“Why is he such a jerk?!”

Is it your parents?

“Ugh, why won’t they just get off my back?!”

Or is it you?

“This isn’t good enough, I can do better.”

If you are motivated and ambitious, your harshest critic is probably you.  Rarely is outside criticism a motivator for people.

In times where you lack confidence, it’s helpful to remember that at least being a critic of yourself can lead you to motivation whereas someone else breathing down your neck or passing judgement, is often far worse.

It’s good to hold yourself to your highest standard, to be competitive with yourself, and to push yourself to the limit. But don’t forget to take a deep breath and cut yourself some slack.  Most things aren’t truly important enough to lose sleep over.

Do you understand what’s coming?

Maybe you are fascinated by your iPhone…maybe it’s become common to you.

The speed at which technology is changing is mind boggling and you probably only see the surface.

The future is a combination of a multitude of movements and innovations including wearables, robotics, automation, shared resources, and entirely new ecosystems of applications.

If you look at technologies like IFTTT and Zapier, you can see into the near future where wearables and the internet of things will be able to activate triggers and automation in our lives.

Your refrigerator will order you milk from the grocery store, your car will tell your house when you are close by in order to preheat the oven, and your wrist watch will open the door, let you pay for coffee, and anonymously contribute your heartbeat to a big pool of data for medical researchers to begin working on the next miracle drug or nanotech solution.

Your email will see your travel itinerary and notify your cleaning service to prep the house for the AirBNB listing that is automatically triggered three days before you leave. And don’t worry about getting a ride to the airport because your autonomous self-driving Uber will be waiting outside your door to take you to the airport 90 minutes before your flight…more if there’s traffic..

It’s not science fiction. Some of this is already here.

The question is, how much of this are you thinking about, prepared for, or conscious of?

Profit without responsibility

If a corporation is a person, shouldn’t it have the same civic responsibilities as people?

Profit without responsibility is an illness that has infected far too much of our collective corporate culture.

Is the purpose of corporate profit to benefit a small number of executives and the shareholders, or a larger more inclusive purpose?

The rise of the millennial and millennial values, have also given rise to the socially responsible business movement.

Sure, there have been socially responsible businesses before, but we are seeing a bigger shift.

Be prepared to see a shift in our collective use of resources, and the ways in which businesses operate.  It’s become a necessity.

Leadership is changing, and so are the values of consumers.

We will finally begin to answer the question of whether a business can benefit when it takes care of the community around it, instead of just the investors that demand quarterly profits.

I’m looking forward to it.