Maybe everyone should work on Thanksgiving

Maybe we should work on being thankful for what we have.

Maybe we should work on detaching from technology and our really important careers, so we can work on being more in touch with the people that matter to us.

Maybe if we ALL worked on those things over Thanksgiving , we wouldn’t be in such a rush to go shopping.  And if we stopped being such good consumers and started being better human beings, maybe people wouldn’t have to GO to work and be away from their loved ones.

Here…jump through this hoop

Can you tell us EXACTLY what you’re going to do?  Just put the step-by-step in an email.  We promise not to take your ideas to someone else less expensive.

We got your email, can you do it differently? We want you to do it like this other company [I read about, my nephew told me about, I saw on the news].

How much is it?  Can you do it for less?

Let’s setup a meeting. Can we move the meeting? Can we move it again?

You forgot this thing we never talked about.

Can you jump through all these hoops for us?

It doesn’t take long as a business owner to know this story by heart.

Skip the dog and pony show

When you find the prospect that wants a big song and dance, or hours upon hours of work to be done before the contract, choose to move along instead.

It’s a harsh reality, but if they don’t value your time before the contract is signed, they probably won’t value it afterwards.

The secret art of personal branding

“I need to work on my personal brand”

Step One: Understand The Following Things

  • Your personal brand is simply how you are known by other people
  • A personal brand is built over time, not overnight
  • Ideally, what you say about yourself, is the same as what others say about you

Step Two: Introspection

  • Know who you are
  • Know who you want to be
  • Know what you stand for
  • Know what you’re interested in

Step Three: Build Your Brand

  • Be yourself, and communicate regularly
  • Share things that interest you
  • Share what you think
  • Share what you do
  • Deliver on your promises

There is no step four.  

It’s actually THAT simple.

A personal brand is about communication and consistency.

You can spend time trying to cultivate a certain image, or you can communicate who you actually are.

Over time, your personal brand will represent the aggregate of those efforts.

Get to work.