Going Dark: My Social Out Of Office Reply

I’m taking one week off.

No Facebook. No Twitter. No blog posts.

I need this.

There is constant barrage of notifications.
I feel a requirement to respond.
I feel a requirement to be creative.
I feel a requirement to be “on.” All the time.

I need a break.

I’m tremendously busy at work, I have some issues to deal with in my personal life, the combination of the two is a tad overwhelming.

Something’s gotta give.
I need extra time and focus.

The only place I can get it from is my online activities.

This is my social out of office reply. I’ll see you again soon.

Celebrating #1 Fans

How to even tell this story?

I’ll just start here…

A little more than a year ago, I met someone that identified herself as my “#1 fan.”

I didn’t really know what to do with “a fan.”

I was flattered, humbled, boastful, and a little freaked out…basically a weird cocktail of emotions.

Someone I’d never met had been reading my blog, waiting patiently, everyday, for 12:00 to roll around for my next post to hit her inbox.

And now, by way of mutual connections and a few social messages, we were meeting in person.

Since that day…

I’ve found an amazing friend in Wanda.  She has been one of my most vocal supporters but who, in spite of her fervent and passionate support of what I do and what I write, will never hesitate to give it back to me–with a little sass–if I step off course, or neglect to take my own advice.

Wanda often threatens to go “all Puerto Rican” on someone should they mess with me.  For the record, she is of Puerto Rican descent so if you got offended by that, cool off, it’s funny.

People will often question the ROI of various activities, and it’s a conversation I’m always willing to have.  But I never want people to lose sight of the myriad of other intangible, unpredictable benefits that can come from doing something you love.

I write.  I love to write.  And even though I’m trying to transition to video now, this blog has traditionally been about the written word, straight from my experience, my brain, and my heart.

From writing this blog, and sharing my perspective, I found an incredible friend, colleague and supporter in Wanda.  And if after reading this story, that’s still not enough reason for you to consider doing something that may not have a clear ROI, then it’s likely that you’ll always miss the point.

Happy Birthday Wanda.


YOUR #1 fan