5 things to consider if today is our last day on Earth


If today were the last day on Earth…

How would you treat people differently?

What would your priorities be for those final hours?

What do you wish you had accomplished in your life?

Who do you wish you had appreciated more?

What regrets would you have?

Now, let’s assume tomorrow comes…

How will you treat people differently?

What will your priorities be tomorrow?

What will you do that wish you had accomplished in your life?

Who will you appreciate more?

What regrets will you move past?

Moving Forward

Surely there will be another “end of days” prediction.  People seem to love to assume that our only outcome as humans is to be destroyed on account of some prophecy, or to destroy ourselves…and there’s plenty of evidence to support the latter.  But I think we can do better.  Rather than let this doomsday go past without thought, consider the following:

Everyday is a chance to be appreciative of what we already have.  Everyday is a chance to go the extra mile for someone else.  Regrets are the things we wish we did, or the things we wished we hadn’t.  Try to forgive yourself for the things you’ve done, and make sure you never have to regret not having done something you wanted to.

We normally don’t think about it.  But if we thought tomorrow might not come, what would today look like?


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