A Day In The Life Of Jeff Gibbard


In 2010, I was hired by Devine + Powers (now Devine + Partners) as the Director of the Social Media Practice Group and I began a blog called Day in the Life of Jeff Gibbard on a blogging platform called Posterous (shut down in April 2013).

I wanted to chronicle what my professional life looked like on a regular basis.  I wanted to share my thoughts and perspectives, but without the weight of a full blogging platform.  Posterous was quick and easy allowing me to post blogs by email.

Along the way, I moved the Day In The Life blog away from Posterous and onto my own domain  Over time the blog has grown to include less day to day activities, and more day to day thoughts on entrepreneurship, fear, leadership, passion, work-life balance, motivation, and more…

Of all of the places I write online, A Day in the Life is undoubtedly my favorite!


The True Voice Media Blog & Podcast

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The True Voice Media Blog is a place where I (and my team) spend time trying to answer every single Social Media and Social Business related question I can find.  Whether it is general, industry specific or platform specific, I try to provide useable perspectives and insights.  The blog is also a place to provide industry insights, highlight upcoming events, company news, partner news, and occasionally, news about one of our clients.

The Podcast is called Conversations and it is my opportunity to speak with brilliant people and ask them about what they do, how they see the world and what impact they are seeing happen as a result of changing technologies and behaviors.

In the Connected World


In The Connected World is a Tumblr blog where I try to share bite sized pieces of content about everything digital.  This includes Social Business, Social Media, new technology, SEO, SEM, wearable technology, robotics, and anything else geeky.


Social Media Philanthropy


My original blog was on and featured helpful tech tips for my co-workers. I began branching out into other topics, primarily Social Media.

I decided that I wanted my own blog with it’s own name and domain name, so I bought Social Media Philanthropy.  I even had a cute tagline:

“Generously Donating Our Ideas and Opinions…You’re Welcome”

Social Media Philanthropy was the site to publish my ideas and opinions about the impact that social media was having on people and businesses.  I posted industry insights, assessments of new tools, and once in a while I tried to use the blog’s reach to highlight important causes and help with fundraising.

In 2013, I launched the Social Media Philanthropy Podcast called Conversations.  Conversations is now hosted on the True Voice Media but was it originally on Social Media Philanthropy.

Social Media Philanthropy was my primary blog from August 2008 until I I posted the Last Post on Social Media Philanthropy in January 2014.

All of my Social Media and Social Business related blogging activities have been moved to the True Voice Media Blog.


Other Blogging

Here are some of the other places you can catch me blogging around the web.

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