One of my themes for 2014 was balance.

How can I talk about balance without talking about priorities?

In fact, it’s nearly impossible to have balance without getting the priorities straight.

For instance, if I prioritize by due date, I’ll certainly overlook the things in my life that are important yet lack a definitive deadline. My dog will never ask for playtime before “end of day Friday.”

By contrast, if I prioritize by what I FEEL like doing, I may let some of the less interesting projects go and consequently let down my clients that are counting on me.

I suppose the only way to achieve balance in life, is to have a healthy mix of the things that you want to do and things you need to do.

Building the right team

I always want to hire people just like me.  I like people that are like me.  Most of us do.

I like the people I’ve hired.  I’m keeping them…as long as they’ll stay.

Moving forward I want to like the people I hire.

But from now on, I’m not hiring people like me.  I’ve outgrown that.

I need people that are not like me, so they can balance me.

Wait until you see what we can do next!

Should you hire that entrepreneur?

It’s tempting.

Entrepreneurs are excited, passionate, driven, and full of ideas…when they are being entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurs inside of YOUR company may be discouraged, disengaged, disappointed.

Entrepreneurs thrive in certain types of environments.  They’ll require freedom, autonomy, and purpose.

They don’t feel security from a paycheck, but from the freedom to do things their way.

They aren’t built to follow your dreams, but their own. And unless you can make the connection between the two, you’ll never see eye to eye for very long.

When interviewing an entrepreneur, you need to know that on any given week, they may decide to leave and follow another passion project.

If they don’t get what they want, they are designed to go get it, with or without you.

If you can understand the entrepreneur, maybe you can create an environment for them to thrive.  Maybe you can capture that lightning in a bottle.  Maybe you can build something extraordinary together.

If you can do that, then go for it.  Otherwise, you should probably pass onto the next candidate.