Getting unstuck

There will be times in all of our lives where we will get stuck…it happens.

What happens next is important. There are three ways to get unstuck and which path you choose is important.

  • Get yourself unstuck
  • Ask someone to help you get yourself unstuck
  • Ask someone to get you unstuck

You will learn something from each of these paths, and each of these paths will leave you with unrealized possibilities.

For instance, getting yourself unstuck will teach you resilience, but you lose the opportunity to learn from someone who can think about things from a completely different perspective.  You may miss out on a better solution.

Asking for help will allow you to benefit from the power of collaboration, but you lose the opportunity to surprise and impress yourself by taking the challenge head on.

We all get stuck but whichever path you take, it’s probably better than resolving to stay stuck.

Glorified exhaustion

As I write this, it is Sunday afternoon.

I have plenty to do, and there really isn’t any time to rest.

But I don’t have a choice. I’m exhausted. I’ve been going hard for days now. So I’m going to bed early tonight.

I’ve had long hours.

I’ve had late nights.

Our culture often has us cheering on those who “burn the midnight oil.”

Often times I forego sleep in order to get everything done.

But here’s the real consequence of living like this :

  • anxiety
  • exhaustion
  • …and the destruction of creative energy

I’m so tired I cannot get my head clear enough to finish setting up my Mastermind course, write a chapter of my book, or even revise my task list.

I don’t have time for my side projects.  I often miss the gym.

What comes first?

So here is the decision:

Do I wait until I have the time to sleep, or go to the gym, or work on my side projects?


Do I move those things up in my priorities?

If I wait until I have the time, I’ll either never have the time, or I’ll be in the cycle of boom and bust constantly struggling to “find the time” amidst everything else.

I’m either going to be at the mercy of my task list, or I will take control of it.

But it’s worth reminding myself…that it is my choice.

This is my reminder.

Cut through noise

People often complain about social networks being “noisy.”

Here is my simple solution:

Stop shouting, stop making so much content, stop contributing to the noise.

Instead, focus on one relationship deeply.

…then do it again.

Let me know how it goes.  I’m willing to bet it works better than playing the same game everyone else is playing.