It’s like you’re talking to me

  • Did I write the post specifically for YOU?
  • Did I write a post that resonated with you, because I understand my audience?
  • Do you follow this blog because the posts I write resonate with you?
  • Or was it just a coincidence?

Whatever the case, I love when my readers tell me that I wrote the post for them.

That’s a connection that I’m honored to have with my readers…and it’s no coincidence.

Memories of Success

Note to self: Start writing down accomplishments, create case studies and be sure to include measurable results.

This is helpful.

Jeff Gibbard

PS Anyone else reading this, should also do this.


Many business owners, in the beginning, make the mistake of working with anyone that calls and has a checkbook.

I know that I did this.  In those early days, it’s hard to turn away work.

I took on work that I should’ve turned away and it almost put me out of business.

So somewhere along the way, I realized that not every client is going to be right for me.

Now I recognize body language, tone, hesitations, and questions that signal to me that this prospect will be difficult, won’t follow through, or doesn’t really get what we do.  I can spot people that will haggle price with me, or that don’t get the value of the services we provide.  I’m actually more likely to turn away work now than I am to take it.  I’m looking for the right fit so we can do something extraordinary together.

My advice to entrepreneurs: know the reasons to walk away and make sure you qualify your leads.

It’s better to struggle a little longer without a client, than to take on the client that could leave you even worse off.