Just make it smaller 

Too much noise coming through your feeds?

Make lists or start unfollowing.

Does a task seem too big? 

Break it into its components and start doing it piece by piece.

No matter what it is, you can usually handle it by making it smaller.

Today’s Assignment: Make a Twitter list, or a Facebook friends list…or just a list of people you want to keep in touch with.  Focus exclusively on those people for the next week.

Picking between existing options

I’m shocked at how many conversations lack imagination.

Take Capitalism for example.  If you criticize Capitalism, someone, almost everyone, will immediately tell you that Communism didn’t work.  As if those are the only two options that could exist.

If you criticize Android, people will naturally start railing on the iPhone.

If you don’t like Republicans, then clearly you must be a Democrat.

And so on…

What’s wrong with this picture?  Why is everything  so black and white?

In each of the scenarios above, I wonder why no one considers the other options, or the options yet to be invented?

Where is the imagination, where is the innovative human spirit?

Perhaps the problem is systematic; a problem left over from the industrial age where people were encouraged and trained to think inside the box.

Perhaps the problem is part of the human experience, and that I and others like me, are the outliers.

Whatever it is, I’m unhappy with it and I’d like to see it change.

Today’s Assignment: (and tomorrow’s assignment and everyday after) Look at a problem you are currently facing through the lens that there are more than the two available options.  Dig deep and look for another solution. In a culture where we remix everything, why not remix ideas to find the best solution? Is that not better that just picking between the two right in front of us?


I am getting so bored with the way things are going on the internet.

Everyday a new app, everyday a new community, everyday a new hot trend.

And by every tomorrow, 50% are gone, 25% are yesterday’s news, and the rest sputter on for another few days. One or two will make it out, which perpetuates the whole cycle.

Everywhere I turn is a new guru, a new eBook, another revolutionary guide.

Evergreen is no longer green, and “authenticity” is now a product.

The flood gates opened and now everyone is doing it..whatever IT is this week.

But I suppose the key isn’t to look around and see all the noise, or to see the repetition, or to take note of how commercialized this once exciting democratizing communication revolution has become.

Maybe the answer is to look inward and find the things that really matter, despite what other people are talking about, even if they’re talking about the same things.

Maybe it doesn’t matter that it’s noisy because that’s just the inevitability of all of these voices. And maybe, just maybe, if we can get all of these voices tuned to the right goals, we’ll get a chorus instead of noise.

Today’s Assignment: Think about why you use the internet, and write down ONE, REAL reason. Think about one meaningful reason that you continue to spend your time wading through this digital landscape.  Add it to the comments, I want to know.