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Every situation can be seen in a number of different ways.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”  -Winston Churchill

The next time the to-do list gets too long and the stress in your life piles up too high, stop and yell “reboot.”

Picture your entire perspective shutting down and starting fresh. Come back and look at the same situation, but reverse your perspective; look for the opportunity rather than the difficulty.

Consider how instead of feeling crushed by the weight of it, you can be lifted by the possibility of what’s to come.

Sure, some of you might read this and think it sounds like advice from some crystal-wearing new age hippie, but keep in mind that I am telling you to literally yell “Reboot!” as you do this, which should help this feel a little more ridiculous, and a little less new age.

Go on, try it, what’s the harm? Worst case scenario you’re right back where you started.

Best case, you look at the world through an entirely new set of eyes, one where everything is going to be alright.

You are what you say you are. What do you say you are?

Today’s Assignment: Use the hashtag #Reboot to talk about something you need to see through new eyes.

Hit rewind

There literally is no such thing as rewind on life.  How often do you ever consider that?


The only time most people do is when they regret something. There’s a feeling of “if only I could go back and…”

But it’s never happened.


For anyone.

Not one single person, in human history has gone backwards in time.

So we’re all dealing with the exact same variable here.  Time may be (perceived as) linear, but it only goes in one direction.

And even though this is true, that there is no rewind, we all have had a moment in our lives where we long to go backwards and change something, even if it’s only something tiny.

If it’s actually impossible, for all of us…why do we continue to have that thought. Why does regret feel so real? Why does moving forward sometimes feel so difficult, even though it is the only inevitability, and the alternative, is complete fantasy?

“There is no rewind.”  I try to remind myself of this fact when I get that feeling like I want to beat myself up over something. It helps me realize the energy I’m wasting on something impossible.

Today’s Assignment: Look at something that didn’t go right in your past, don’t think about what you would’ve done differently, think about what you can do today.  If it’s something you can do or want to do, do it.

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Exactly what needed to happen 

Often times something will happen to me, and all I can think is “why me?”

At the time it feels awful, horrendous, terrifying.

But looking back, I can think of a time where it wasn’t exactly what needed to happen.

Maybe that’s luck…but I think it’s because I choose to use the momentum of events to my advantage.

Today’s Assignment: Reflect on at least one negative thing that has happened to you in the last month.  Now rethink how that could actually be the start of something extraordinary.  Now write it down.